SPEAKERS in 2019

Giles Dudley (host)
BioInnovation Institute

Roger Franklin
Hadean Ventures

Rolf Saager
Linköping University

Kirsi Mikkonen
University of Helsinki

Eero Castrén

University of Helsinki

Hans Schikan

Pharm D., former CEO of Prosensa

Andreas Lindblom


Inka Mero

Voima Ventures

Antoine Hubert


Stine Mølgaard Sørensen


Life Science Pitching finalists

Sebastian Loy


Keenan Pinto


Kasper Gubba Ørtenblad

Proxi Biotech

Peter Mouritzen

Twelwe Bio

Preethy Paul

Tejesvi Mysore


Michael Tessier


Begum Utz


Life Science Pitching on stage jury and host

Liisa Mayow (host)
Kaskas Media

Laura Pontiggia
European Research Council

Gerald Parloiu
Global Founders Capital

Rodrigo Mallo Leiva

Virpi Lummaa
University of Turku

Thomas McWilliams
University of Helsinki



09.00 - 10.00 Science is the basis for innovation

Host: Giles Dudley, BioInnovation Institute


Opening keynote: Roger Franklin, Hadean Ventures - The value of innovation

  • Thomas McWilliams, University of Helsinki - Destroying powerhouses to defeat disease

  • Virpi Lummaa, University of Turku - The science of healthy ageing

  • Rolf Saager, Linköping University - Seeing tissue in a new light: emerging optical techniques for clinical imaging

  • Kirsi Mikkonen, University of Helsinki - Towards sustainable food

  • Eero Castrén, University of Helsinki - How does the brain work?


10.00 - 11.00 Life Science Pitching Competition for pre-startups and early phase startups

Host: Liisa Mayow, Kaskas Media


Pitch finalists:

  1. Begum Utz, Medicortex

  2. Peter Mouritzen, Twelve Bio

  3. Keenan Pinto, Nordetect

  4. Michael Tessier, Cohesys

  5. Tejesvi Mysore, Chain Antimicrobials

  6. Kasper Gubba Ørtenblad, Proxi Biotech

  7. Preethy Paul, Anison

  8. Sebastian Loy, Nanoglue

On stage jury:

Rodrigo Mallo Leiva, RebelBio

Gerald Parloiu, Global Founders Capital

Laura Pontiggia, European Research Council

11.00 - 12.00 Founders' stories - What it's like to combine life sciences and business

Host: Giles Dudley, BioInnovation Institute

Keynote: Hans GCP Schikan, Pharm D., Former CEO of Prosensa - The rollercoaster ride of a biotech company


  • Andreas Lindblom, Sciety - Angels in life science

  • Inka Mero, Voima Ventures - Founding a VC passionate about science

  • Stine Mølgaard Sørensen, Radiobotics - High Risk - Low Reward? - Why building a life science business is not a good idea!

  • Antoine Hubert, Ÿnsect - Scaling from lab to large-scale factory: an example in the Ag-Tech space


11.55 - 12.00 Life Science Pitching Competition - Announcing the winner

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