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09.00-09.20 Opening keynote by Arvind Gupta

​​09.20 - 10.00 It all comes back to Science – Science is the basis

  • Ari Helenius, Role of Basic Science in Society

  • Pekka Katajisto, Stem cell-based strategies to counter aging

  • Yrjö Helariutta, Designing carbon allocation for food and wood

  • Jorijntje Henderiks, Marine algae as recorders of climate change

  • Axel Cleeremans, Benefits of interdisciplinary research


10.00 - 10.30 You'll never walk alone - Company collaboration

  • Melinda Richter, Company scouting

  • Jared Josleyn, How are companies revolutionizing healthcare via digitization and what part does research have in it

  • Craig Garner, Mentoring researchers to full-fedged entrepreneurs

11.00 - 12.00 Starting up - Startups and investors

  • Elsa Sotiriadis, Director at RebelBio UK - Why invest in science based business?

  • STARTUP PITCHES: 2Eyes Vision, Frategene and Helsieni

  • SHOWCASE: Nightingale, and Blueprint Genetics

  • INVESTOR PANEL: So, you want to start a business! Nina Rawal, Sanjay Saxena

  • Vincenzo Cerullo - The perfect chemistry: ERC + Helsinki University + Slush



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