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09.00 - 10.00 It all comes back to Science – Science is the basis

Host: Rodrigo Mallo Leiva, RebelBio

Opening keynote: Patrick Ennis, Intellectual Ventures - Why Science?  If No Science, Then No Surplus

  • Dalial Freitak, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz - On a path to save the honeybees and the rest of the world

  • Kari Alitalo, University of Helsinki - iCAN: Integrating precision cancer medicine and digital health

  • ​Daniel Bojar, ETH Zurich - Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Changing Life and Lives with Synthetic Biology

  • Orlando Rojas, Aalto University - Back to the Future with the Forest

  • Paola Ceroni, University of Bologna - Luminescent Silicon Nanocrystals as Bioimaging Systems


10.00 - 11.00 Life Science Pitching Competition for pre-startups and early phase startups

Host: Liisa Mayow, Kaskas Media

Pitch finalists:

  • HAPEKAS, Sami Elamo

  • MAKNEE, Jérôme Thevenot

  • Sartar Therapeutics Ltd, Harri Sihto

  • PREP lab, Timo Myöhänen

  • Eco Sweeties, Lloyd Ruddock

  • SEBI OY, Timo Jäntti

  • axxelera, Lucas Reissenberger

  • IVF Fit AS, Ana Lobato-Pascual

On stage jury:

  • Laura Pontiggia, ERC/Proof-of-Concept Program

  • Michael Lütolf, Creathor Ventures

  • Louis Metzger, Tierra Biosciences

11.00 - 12.00 You’ll never walk alone – opportunities to catch and connections to make

Host: Rodrigo Mallo Leiva, RebelBio

  • Bindi Karia, European Innovation Council - European Innovation Council (EIC)

  • Lotta Ljunqvist, GE / Testa Center - Choose a Faster Way for Commercialization in Life Sciences by using Testa Center

  • Elina Gautier-Vanska, Pact & Partners - Say Hello to a Headhunter!

  • Chad Edwards, Cambridge Quantum Computing - An Introduction to Quantum Computing for Life Scientists


11.55 - 12.00 Life Science Pitching Competition - Announcing of winner

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SPEAKERS in 2018

patrick summer 2017b cropped.jpg

Patrick Ennis

Intellectual Ventures

Daniel Bojar_edited.jpg

Daniel Bojar

ETH Zurich

Paola Ceroni.jpg

Paola Ceroni

University of Bologna


Lotta Ljunqvist

GE Healthcare

Bindi Karia

European Innovation Council

Elina Gautier-Vanska

Pact & Partners

Chad Edwards

Cambridge Quantum Computing

Dalial Freitak

Karl-Franzen University of Graz

Bindi Karia.jpg
Photo_Gautier-Vanska Elina_edited.jpg
Kari Alitalo.jpg

Kari Alitalo

University of Helsinki

Orlando photo.jpg

Orlando Rojas

Aalto University

Rodrigo Malla.jpg

Rodrigo Mallo Leiva (host)


Life Science Pitching finalists

Timo Myohanen_edited.jpg

Timo Myöhänen

PREP lab

Timo Jantti_edited.jpg

Timo Jäntti


IVF Fit Group_edited.jpg

Ana Lobato


Lloyd Ruddock_EcoSweeties.jpg

Lloyd Ruddock

Eco Sweeties

Harri Sihto Sartar.jpg

Harri Sihto

Sartar Therapeutics Ltd


Lucas Reissenberger


Sami Elamo.jpg

Sami Elamo

Hapekas Medical


Jérome Thevenot


Life Science Pitching on stage jury and host


Liisa Mayow (host)

Kaskas Media


Laura Pontiggia

European Research Council


Michael Lütolf

Creathor Ventures


Louis Metzger

Tierra Biosciences

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